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About eight months ago I was sitting on a grassy hill at my daughters cricket game enjoying the sun when a mum sitting next to me asked me what I was up to these days.  This was a few months before the planned start of my 777 project which I told her about and said that I was in the process of trying to find a Nutritional Supplement Sponsor as I knew my body needed this. Little did I know she was one of NZ's top Usana Distributors and she said stop right there Mike, I can just about guarantee that we will sponsor you. This is an incredible adventure you are doing for a great charity and you need the good stuff. I'm sure Usana will want to help.

I have always used some sort of multi vitamin on all my adventures and expeditions and assumed they were doing good but I never really felt any difference. When I changed to Usana I couldn't believe the results, I rang my Usana associate and said "this has to be in my head?" To which she replied "No Mike that is what world class supplements should do, it's not in your head."

Without a shadow of doubt Usana has enabled me to train hard, recover faster and helped prevent injuries. Usana is my foundation blocks which I trust and know I can depend on. I use the nutritionals every day and also their delicious clean foods which are perfectly balanced. I feel so good, and so different, I have more energy during my training and throughout the day. And my injuring that prevented me running in July healed in extraordinary time because of my nutritional regime.

There is more to this story, what has been amazing with this company is their heart; from every level in the Corporate Office to the passion for helping others in the distributor field.  My wife Wendy and I were flown to Salt Lake City last year for me to speak at their international convention of 10,000 people. It gave both of us a glimpse of what is possible with this company. That Dr Wentz the founder and world famous Scientist has created a vehicle of hundreds of thousands of passionate people sharing his vision of true health and as a result creating financial success.  Wendy a paediatric nurse of 20 years grabbed the opportunity with both hands and has chosen to leave nursing where she often felt powerless to help to be part of this vision.  I am supporting her as she develops a team of like-minded people and am very much a part of the coaching and development of this team.